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Welcome to NNI - Nettle Net International, the nettle world and universe, where everything is possible.

NNI Nettle Net International have been founded as nonprofit organisation PSII Incubation Institute at the turn of years 2017 and 2018 as the result of five years hobby-nettle-work for further extensive nettle labour.

Pavel Hala have founded the institute with three other friends whom he trusted and who were plucky enough to go for such a project.

The aim still is to support young beginners in their own work and seniors to maintain their body and mind fitness. This aim mediator became nettle and international nettle cluster.

Nettle is peculiar and working with it is really varied and often unexpectedly demanding. It know all the "nettle-people".

Nettle is often despised or ridiculed. However, very often it happens that the one who does not refuse to get to know her a little more deeply is surprised.

We do nettle engineering, basic research, applied development and market implementation.

We are the most world specialised nettle matter and food industrial nettle raw-materials and semiproducts supplier.

And so do not hesitate to join the nettle, ask anything, we are here for you, we are here for the nettle.


Find the nettle spirit.


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Pavel Hala - NNI co-founder

Pavel Hala

Co-founder & Director of the Nettle Institute

nettle technologist, nettle agronomist


Nettle Net International, z.ú.

EU - Czechia, Olomouc city 

Sídlo: Kaštanová 1055/14 street, ZIP 77900 (virtual office)

Datová schránka: n24242p (state data-box nr.)

DIČ: CZ06803636 (tax identification nr.)

Veřejný rejstřík: U272 Krajský soud v Ostravě, pobočka v Olomouci (commercial register public file nr.)

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Nettle Net International